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Sister City, Munkfors

Sister City, Munkfors Sweden

Lindsborg’s Sister City, Munkfors is located in the Värmland province of Sweden. Nearly 20 years ago, then Lindsborg mayor, Don Anderson contacted three cities in Sweden about a possibility of being a Sister City to conduct international exchange programs to broaden understanding and build connections for “Peace through People.” Munkfors was selected for a variety of reasons. It is located in the same province where Pastor Olof Olsson left his church to bring 85 families from his neighborhood to settle Lindsborg in 1869. Also, Munkfors dedication to higher learning in music and arts is similar to Bethany College, Lindsborg’s four year liberal arts institution. Additionally, there were similarities in population, crafts and businesses. A desire to preserve Lindsborg heritage and fully understand our history was key in developing a rich relationship with Munkfors.

The mission statement of The Sister City Committee of Lindsborg promotes American-International exchanges, especially with our Sister City Munkfors. The committee is often called upon to host Swedish visitors, correspond with and inform Swedes about life in Kansas, and to help Lindsborg residents learn more about Sweden and the Swedish heritage of the Smoky Valley area.




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