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Book Stores/Used Books:

Community Library Used Book Store
111 S. Main St.
Ph) 785-227-2710

Swede Nation Station
Bethany College/Union
335 N. Swensson St.
Ph) 785-227-3311 x 8155

Reminiscent Antiques and Collectibles
105 N. Main St.
Ph) 785-819-4806

T.A.C.O.L Thrift Store
509 E. Swensson St.
Ph) 785-227-4710

The White Peacock
124 S. Main St.
Ph) 785-212-6108

Books About Swedish Heritage:

Community Library Heritage Room
111 S. Main St.
Ph) 785-227-2710

List of books about Lindsborg and the Smoky Valley available in local shops:

Book  Anderson Butik


Swedish Country Inn  Swedish Crafts   Old Mill Museum Sandzen Gallery
 Red Barn Studio
An Immigrant's Two Worlds: A Biography of Hjalmar Edgren by Emory Lindquist
Butter in the Well by Linda Hubalek
   x      x    
Cultivation Hope by Linda Hubalek
   x  x  x  x    
Dugouts & Daisies: A Novel About Early Lindsborg by Robert E. Segerhammer
 x  x          
Harvesting Faith by Linda Hubalek    x  x  x  x    
He Touched the Whole World:The Story of Carl E. Lund-Quist by Emmet E. Eklund
   x    x      
Images Across The Sea: Sweden & America 2025 by Linda Lewis    x  x  x      
Lindsborg Business Directory 1884 to 2005 by Dorman Lehman          x    
Looking Back by Linda Hubalek    x  x  x  x    
Measure for Pleasure Cookbook
by Bethany College Auxiliary
     x  x      
Miracle At Sea by Eleanor Anderson        x      
My Life is a Symphony by Judith Robinson        x      
Not in Kansas Anymore by Robert Paulson      x        
Pioneer Cross - Swedish Settlers Along the Smoky Valley Bluffs
by Thomas N. Holmquist
Planting Dreams by Linda Hubalek    x      x    
Prairie Carnegie by Max Muller         x  x    
Prarieblomman by Linda Hubalek    x  x  x x
Smör I Brunnen (available only in Swedish) by Linda Hubalek    x    x      
Stitch of Courage by Linda Hubalek  x  x  x  x  x    
Swedish Mecca of the Plains: A Novel about Lindsborg
by Robert Segerhammar
The Americanization of Carl Aaron Swensson by Daniel M. Pearson    x          
The Americanization of a Swedish Colony in Kansas by Julius Lundstrom              
The Story of Lindsborg by Alfred Bergin              
The Difference He Made: A Biography of Emory K. Lindquist by Emmet E. Eklund    x    x      
The Other Side of Lindsborg by Donna Opat    x    x  x    
The Swedish Folk Dancers Cookbook by the Lindsborg Swedish Folk Dancers    x  x x
Thimble of Soil by Linda Hubalek  x  x  x    x    
Trail of Thread by Linda Hubalek  x  x  x    x    
En Amerikabok: An American Book by Alf Brorson  x            
Vägen Till Lindsborg by Alf Brorson        x      
Birger Sandzen on Art, Music and Transcendence by James M. Kaplan
       x    x  
Lester Raymer: A Collection of Essays by The Raymer Society
Birger Sandzen: An Illustrated Biography, 2nd Ed. by Emory Lindquist
 Lindsborg Then and Lindsborg Now: Part One, Late 1860s to early 1900s; Part Two, Year 2010    x      x    

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